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Welcome to “Life Is The Project”

Welcome to “Life Is The Project” Blog

It is important that each of our bloggers, readers, and/or curious George’s out there in blogosphere land is able to get a feel of what it is that this book is about, or not.  Doyle H. Davis has spent a great number of years developing the material and content of “Life Is The Project”.  It was a great undertaking and still is!  One that he has really enjoyed and has changed is life entirely.  You are now the beneficiaries of his hard work.  Not only are you the beneficiary from reading, and studying the book.  You, in these trying times are going to become/are the beneficiary of its content as we move it into reality

Here in this blog Doyle, will layout all of the pros and cons of the book as only he can.  As he continues to guide you through all of the transformational processes he has undergone.  He will simultaneously demonstrate to each of you through his examples how you too are a difference-maker thru & thru.  The only difference between you and him is that in his own words, “I came from another mother”.

Next, the ideas Doyle has simply tried to lay out in the topics of the book, ever so carefully and in its simplest possible way, are not unique to him.  Doyle Davis knows that he is only the vessel being used to bring these ideas to you through his writings.  Others have come before him as forbearers of the wellspring of information, knowledge, and wisdom he is bringing to you; and others will come after him.  Doyle, along with other contemporaries will here forth layout how the future, past, and present conditions of a thing are simply the playing fields for each of you to bring forth your greatness as creators, in spite of what your previous or current set of circumstances are.

To say Y.E.S. to becoming a part(ner) of this new conversation, and new ideas.  Y.O.U. are saying Y.E.S. to Your Eventual Success.  That is why you are here.  Y.O.U. are the master of Your Own Universe.  We will end it here, but there is a lot more for us to discuss, so in closing, I would like to ask for you to come back now, we will leave the lights on for you.



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