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The artwork below will go on sell soon, if you are interested in purchasing one of the pics, then please leave your name and contact number with us and we will contact you ASAP when the artwork is available.

The Making of A Rebel

Nature’s  Way

Fun Stuff Video

MUSIC inspires the soul, speaks to the heart, music is a reflection of the mind
Mary Jo’s Music Studio, Halloween 2013
Doyle & Mary Jo Davis in our 2014 Spring Recital.  Produced by Doyle, and Directed by Doyle & Mary Jo Davis.  Doyle is actually playing Danny Boy at the end of this video.

The following are old forgotten vids that never were seen publicly until now

They each separately were insights to a visionary’s mindset & the making of a rebel

Visions and Dreams: created 2016

The G.A.P. Express: 2013

The Making of A Rebel: 1953

Nature’s Way: perpetuity

More Videos

We Can

EDC – P (Economic Development Coalition – Project)

Haven't you heard

Feeling trapped

I am not missing out

Life Is The Project

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