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Explore by reading how “Life is The Project” relates to Y.O.U., and your journey throughout your L.I.F.E, and how Y.O.U. are the difference maker

Throughout the book, Doyle Davis refers to “Nature’s Way” as a way to demonstrate how all of the natural processes around mankind gives us ENERGY/FUEL spiritually, mentally, and physically to survive. For it is in nature that we are able to witness the “Law of Attraction” at its finest. Mankind has learned everything that we know, do and are from nature, both seen and unseen.

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So, why not take that next natural step and great voyage into the knowing, and bring nature into our everyday economic processes.

We are unable to survive without it, so it only makes sense that we create a total economic system of meaning around nature and the “Law of Attraction”, which in all of its definitions and gestures is L.O.V.E.

In my studies of nature, religion, politics, social issues, and personal struggles, I have determined that the problems mankind faces today leading us to our own probable demise (according to some), does not start from without, but from within.  I have also determined that unless we manifest another type of financial model not focused on means but on meaning, our quest for love, security, peace, happiness, and understanding; cannot be realized by the other guy (the masses).  The few will always rule over the many at all of our expense because of ignorance on all sides leading to hardship, distrust, and therefore war (personal, financial, spiritual, social, & political war).  Our current models and ways of measure have us all continuing to focus on gain instead of what matters most, building L.I.F.E. itself for continued sustainability just like nature does.

Doyle in his own words through his book is taking Y.O.U. on a forward-thinking journey of change and discoveries of an unprecedented magnitude.  If you don’t have new questions about the way your L.I.F.E. is, and the way things are in the world today after reading this book, then please by all means, don’t settle for doubt, but join us in our continuing discoveries of these same unknowns that are right in front of us and in plain sight.  All we have to do is to put out the right energy to receive it.  The energy of L.O.V.E, the true attraction and the most powerful force of them all!

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