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“LIFE is a never-ending exploration and for those like Doyle, who are curious, it can be an absolute wonderful journey.”

Bob Proctor

Teacher in the Secret and best-selling author of “You Were Born Rich”

“I have known Doyle & his wife Mary Jo for many years and it is my great pleasure to call them friends.  They each have been very committed to discovering and developing their God-given purpose in life and now are totally devoted to helping YOU do the Same!  Doyle’s book, “Life Is The Project” exemplifies his continuing commitment to making the world a better place for everyone.”

Rob Robson

Advanced leader in “Life Leadership” and “Life Apps”

“The only thing larger then Doyle’s vision is his heart.  I have experienced his process of moving into greater clarity in defining his large vision for the benefit of humanity.  This book is very timely and is certainly essential for any effective leader’s library.  Get the book and several colors of markers, because each time you reread the book, you will highlight new discoveries.  This is a compelling book.”

Hugh Ballou

Founder of “Synervision” – The Leadership Foundation

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